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LMA President’s Message – September 2021

By Scott Pacheco posted 10-06-2021 08:27


This newsletter's theme of “Teamwork: Inclusion. Collaboration. Growth.,” has been on my mind a lot recently. First, and most obviously, getting my team through the professional and the personal challenges that the pandemic threw at us all. However, my focus has changed as some of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 has abated. I’m increasingly thinking about the normal aspects of teamwork. 

My current team has been rocking it, like so many of our legal marketing colleagues, but it’s only been virtual. It’s time to think about how we can start being together in person around the proverbial water cooler. While some still are not comfortable expanding their bubbles to include the office, more and more are exercising their “going to the office” muscles. To help, my department created a two-month “training program” of optional social activities.  Regardless of whether it’s Breakfast Taco Tuesday, Family Feud or Free Lunch Friday, a number of colleagues came in and reconnected.

The future team also has been front and center with new colleagues joining and more open positions to fill. Onboarding and integrating new people virtually are the top priorities, obviously. However, I also am looking forward to how the entire team can improve from the strengths, experiences and perspectives of new colleagues. One never immediately knows all the assets a new colleague brings to the table; not even the most intensive interview can uncover everything.

Please dive into this newsletter and check out all the great team-related content. It runs the gamut from how marketing and business development departments help their firms comply with the Mansfield Rule; to cross-departmental collaboration; creative ideas on motivating in person, virtual and hybrid teams; the importance of clear communication with colleagues; and how to elevate the client experience. 

As the famous saying goes … “It takes teamwork to make the dream work.” It might sound cliché’ to some, but it’s the truth. Thanks to the entire LMA team for all you do to support each other and our region!

Paul Bonner, J.D./M.B.A
LMA Mid-Atlantic Region President
Senior Director of Marketing at Venable LLP