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LMA Southwest Region 2022 Local Steering Committee Leadership

By Elizabeth Brick posted 10-28-2021 17:14


The LMA Southwest Region is pleased to announce that all 2022 Local Steering Committee slates have been ratified.

We are excited to have each of our local groups with these dynamic leaders at the helm in 2022 and are confident they will continue the good work of their peers from 2021. Should you be interested in volunteering in 2022 – whether that be for the local programming, communications, membership or sponsorship committees – don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the leaders below or connect with a member of our Southwest Region board.

Congratulations again to this group – we look forward to your leadership in 2022.

Austin LSC

Mary Stephens McGinnis, Chair

Micah Petrea, Member-at-Large – Membership 

Lynne Kilgore, Member-at-Large – Programming


Baton Rouge – New Orleans LSC

Louise Vallejos, Chair

Courtney Keller, Chair-Elect

Glynna Mayers, Immediate Past Chair

Amy Adams, Member-at-Large – Local Programming/ Sponsorship

Denise Duszynski-Trahan, Member-at -Large – Baton Rouge Outreach and Engagement

Holland Familia, Member-at-Large – Membership

Ami Martinez, Member-at-Large – Special Projects


Dallas LSC

Dwanna Gassaway, Chair

Brooks Igo, Chair-Elect & Sponsorship 

Joe Krug, Programming

Emy Cook, Membership 

Brittany Lewis, Past-Chair/Member-at-Large


Denver LSC

Katherine Wright, Chair 

Whitney Kerr, Chair-Elect 

Steven Goodall, Immediate Past Chair

Kelsey Weaver, Member-at-Large

Amber Vincent, Member-at-Large


Houston LSC

Laura Davis, Chair 

Nathan Smith, Chair-Elect 

Jessica Cox, Immediate Past Chair

Justin Knight, Communications 

Lindsay Royston, Sponsorship

Martha Lauren Treat, Membership 


Phoenix LSC

Doug Hastings, Chair 

Claire Larkin, Chair-Elect

Emily Tucker, Immediate Past Chair

Andrea Morin, Member-at-Large

Lisa Bormaster, Member-at-Large